The Boys-The Leverstock Green Players

The Boys

Pictures and a bit of info about boys in the group


Miff2I first performed with the Players in 1979 in Sinbad.  I did a couple more shows as a youngster and then joined officially in 1987 and have been in every show since, which means you are probably sick of the sight of me !!! My favourite show was Westenders, mainly because of our success at performing One Day More from Les Mis.  As of the show "A Night On The Town" I have been involved in the production of 18 shows.

Ian joined the group when he was 16 years old and bar a couple of shows has appeared in pretty much everyone since.   Ian supports Chelsea and enjoys a spot of winemaking in his spare time.  He has co-produced a couple of shows over the years, and had his first solo effort with the highly acclaimed "A Night At Luigi's".  Ian has produced "The Show With No Name", which he was working on with Paul Hubbard before he passed away.  Ian is well known for his ability to memorise lengthy and complicated monologues and has covered many 2 Ronnies sketches with his partner in crime Mr Payne (usually with a beer on the table).


AndyAfter coming along to join the group as a backstage helper, Andy got itchy feet and made a brief appearance in Smash & Fab.  He will be making his full Players debut in January 2015's Something Old Something New.
Andy claims to have no previous stage experience, but a look through the archives finds that he was once part of alternative Chippendale group based in Ayelsbury.

 Andrew is currently taking a sabatical from the group spending some time in Brazil.  Lucky for some, but we hope he will be back with us in the not too distant future.


Bruce is Scottish, which may explain our concerns when he does the health and safety notice at the start of shows and no-one has a clue what he is talking about.  Bruce is our Stage Manager and also acts as our third eye at our final rehearsals, if a hand is out of place, he will spot it.  In all the years Bruce has been with the group he has never been known to stand at a bar with his wallet open.


MArtin Martin has been with the group a for a few years now having been introduced to us by Paul Hubbard.  He is an avid Hammers fan and also likes to help out at a local farm shearing sheep.  Martin also has a tattoo of Bungle from Rainbow on his backside.



I have been a part of the Players for more years than I can remember, spending many years as Stage Manager before recently stepping down.  I enjoy the props I am asked to produce and spend a great deal of time thinking up ways to make sure the stage always looks good.  I'm also chairman of a local Scout Group which takes up a lot of my time.  Apart from chauffering around some of my grandchildren, tending my garden and looking after my pond and fish, which I enjoy, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.  I have been married to Kah for fifty six years and we enjoy holidays abroad and in theUK, especially Cornwall where we lived for a number of years. 


LeeI first joined the group in January 1990 for the performance of ‘Anything Goes’ and was thrust to the front of the stage straight away for curtain up! I have taken part in many shows since, but have had to juggle them around football commitments, which meant I missed a lot of Summer shows.
I also took a break from the group in 1993 when I left to become a Redcoat at Butlins in Minehead, spending 2 fantastic years at my ‘spiritual home’ in without doubt my best job.
We all return eventually and the draw of the stage brought me back to this wonderful group and cast, in which I have made many wonderful friends. I have loved every show that I have appeared in, but my favourite one simply has to be Tributes & Legends. A show that I produced for the very first time in July 2010. That was a very proud moment to see my thoughts and ideas coming to life on the stage.
I am married to my lovely (and very supportive!) wife Laura, with two fantastic children in daughter Casey and son Luke. Both who I have no doubt, will either follow me on stage or onto the football pitch!
I love performing in this group and like to think I give my all in every performance. Entertaining people is in my family’s blood and putting smiles on people’s faces is one of the most rewarding things I will always take from my life.


MarcioMarcio joined us in 2013 for his first show as a Player.  He heralds from Brazil, so brings a bit of international flare to the group.  His dance moves are something to be admired and put the rest of the men to shame.  Amongst his many talents Marcio can balance 3 lemons on his head whilst reciting Mary Had A Little Lamb.  Marcio is currently on a break from the group, spending time in his native Brazil, we hope to see him back soon.


FB_IMG_1529051870852James has been with us for few years now and is currently doing a fantastic job leading the band on the piano and working as our musical producer.  James has a very infectious personality and was once responsible for starting off a completely random flash mob in a branch of WH Smith's.


"Sticks" Terry Baron, aka Ringo!  First show was Joan Steven's "Once A Year Day" in January 1998.  One of my favourite shows was "Showstopop" produced by Peter "Biggsy" Biggs &  Ian Payne.  I've had a few cameos on stage was drafted into the second half of the opening chorus routine for the January 2006 show "A String Of Pearls".......yes, sining and dancing!!!!  There have been numerous memorable moments from past shows and I am sure there are more to come.  Up until October 2009 I was the resident drummer with "The Jolly Jazzers".  I have also played drums for the Kings Langley Players and the Horeshoe Players.  A big Shadows fan and also the Beatles, particularly the early music.  Married to Sandra and have a daughter Kelly, son Nathan and grandaughter Bethany.  I once travelled around Bournemouth on a yellow bus dressed as "Jess The Cat".  I am also a big fan of sleeping and more embarrasingly Southampton FC.